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"Dance is fun , it lifts the spirit, strengthens the body and stimulates the mind."

Wayne Sleep

Dance…It is expressive human movement that engages the physical, intellectual and emotional dimensions of people.

It is a unique art form, which uses the body as an instrument of communication.’


Pirouette Dance Studio is a passionate studio of dancers who appreciate dance for the art it is. We dance for the love of this art, and encourage all who belong to the Studio to strive to reach their personal, physical and creative potential and ability. Each child is treated as a unique individual with his or her own specific talents and limitations. He or she is encouraged to develop as a whole person mind and body.

The Studio has been in existence for over 30 years, having been established by Mrs Karen Piro. She handed over the studio reigns to us, Janet Turner and Leigh Morck, in 2000. 

Both of us grew up dancing in the studio, and then followed our passion for dance in pursuing teaching qualifications. We now have the privilege of emparting our knowledge, and sharing the love of dance. Dancers of all ages are welcome.


Our aim is to educate and teach boys and girls, that the Art of dance is not only about pointing your toes, standing up straight, or looking the best on stage! Our Studio strives to develop a WHOLE child, helping to keep their lives in a healthy balance.  Encouraging them to develop technically and creatively at their level and to the best of their ability and potential.



- Examinations -

Our dancers participate annually in the Cecchetti Ballet exams and the A.I.D.T. Modern and Tap examinations.

- Productions -

The studio hosts a bi-annual production allowing every dancer the opportunity to perform on stage.

- Open Days -

We have regular open days enabeling family and friends to observe classes – allowing all an inside look into the daily activities of a dance studio.

- Demonstrations -

The dancers perform in demonstrations – promoting and performing the A.I.D.T. and Cecchetti technical syllabi, as well as othere fun and creative dances.

- Social Events -

We encourage parent, family and friends interaction in social events e.g. Dinner/Dance evenings, Mother and Daughter mornings , Open Classes, Streach and Limbering Classes for both dancers and non-dancers.

- Promotions -

2005 saw the first of our professionally photographed and produced Dance Calendar.


Leigh Morck

Modern and Tap Teacher

I am a registered and qualified AIDT Modern and Tap teacher, who has been teaching for over 25 years.

I love the process of seeing pupils grow and change as they become more mature and disciplined in dance, showing how passionate they are about their craft.

Our classes will consist of warm ups and syllabus work, as well as stretching.

I will encourage the pupils to explore their creative side and choreograph their own dances at times, and I love to bring props to help aid this process.

We will be developing our physical and mental co-ordination, as well as promoting our creative imagination, all through music and dance

Janet Turner

Ballet Teacher


I am a Cecchetti qualified ballet teacher, who has been teaching this method for over 25 years.

I am also a ISSA personal trainer.  Mindful movement and healthy exercise clears and revitalises the mind, strengthens and develops the body, all while creatively lifting the spirit.

Our classes consist of technical syllabus and core/joint/muscles strengthening work, balanced with creative choreography and performances.

Dance is fun, Ballet is Beautiful! your body is awesomely made,

Enjoy it!



Our Address:
  • Sarnia Primary School

  • Kloof Senior Primary

  • Gillitts Studios

  • Modern and Tap - Leigh Morck


  • Ballet - Janet


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